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510 Bail Bond  It's easier than you think, just delaying an officer can get you arrested. This could happen to you, your loved one or a family member. There are many people arrested in Fremont, Oakland, Berkeley, San Jose, San Francisco or any other cities around the Bay Area for simply being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Being arrested for resisting arrest PC148 and no other charges is one example of how this can happen to you. You can be interviewed by the Fremont police as to what happened and before you know it you can be arrested for resisting arrest. Sounds crazy but it happens. Sometimes the police will arrest people on site just to clear out the area and restore the peace. This doesn't sound right but by delaying a police officer by not having your ID when asked, can be considered and is used for cause to arrest. Never talk to the police, when a police officer is interviewing you, he is actually building his case against you. Don't help him. It's in your best interest to remain silent.  

 510 Bail Bond

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